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In the beginning...

The BayPort Yacht Club of Tampa was established in 1987 by three self-described "happy boat owners": Julio Brener, Lee Lawrence, and Bruce Lee. They chose the name "BayPort Yacht Club" in the spirit of bringing unity to all the Villages of Bayport. The founding officers, "elected by mutual agreement and coercion" to the Club were Bruce Lee, Commodore; Julio Brener, Treasurer; Melba Lee, Secretary; Connie Rice, Cruise Director; and Lee Lawrence, Director. Bruce Lee served as Commodore from 1987 to 1989.

The club was founded with the purpose of cruising, socializing, promoting boating safety, and sharing boating stories and techniques. Furthermore, and directly from our charter and constitution, "the objectives of this Club shall be the promotion of the principles of boating and safety on the water; fellowship; the sports of cruising, sailing, yacht and power boat racing; fishing and similar aspects of pleasure boating; and other events that are of interest to those participating in boating activities."


The club has remained true to it's original values and has served to further a sense of community and family within the Villages of Bayport.  The BPYC is now approximately 175 members strong and continues to grow in both numbers and spirit.

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