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The Joy of Attending a Boat Trip

Have you ever been on a boat trip with this neighborhood? Well, if you haven't it can be one of the best trips of your life. Over the years, Bay Port Yacht Club has gone on many trips. Those trips have been to as close as St.Pete, and as far as Destin, or The Keys, or even The Bahamas.

The trip usually starts with some planning event where meals are proposed and dock tails are included. Then that morning comes when the boats are off! The thrill of heading through the bay in a line is awesome, passing one another to get that photo of the other boat and waving passengers....

The next several days become pieces of history where neighbors become more than neighbors. And the camaraderie that ensues is priceless. And finally, we return under the skyway and back in home waters.

This is the kind of experience that I hope everyone will get to enjoy and those that have joined in can sit back and remember ...That was an awesome trip!

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